August 2019

Digital Media Art Faculty Exhibition

August 27, 2019 - September 20, 2019, All Day
Natalie And James Thompson Art Gallery, Art Building #127
The Department of Art and Art History is delighted to present this periodic opportunity to view recent works by current faculty in the area of Digital Media Art (DMA). Although displaying a wide range of media, style, and technique, exhibiting faculty members share an interest in working with digital media and a devotion to teaching. This exhibition is both provocative and stimulating, revealing both a variety of aesthetics, materials, and techniques as well as a...

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September 2019

Jackelin Soloro: All About Her

September 16, 2019 - September 20, 2019, All Day
Belcher Gallery, Art Building #131
Jackelin is largely influenced by her personal experience as a woman. Her works revolve around the topic of femininity and what it means in today’s culture. This body of works is interdisciplinary yet the topic is consistent through. Bringing forth conversations about choice, strength, fertility, and sexuality. This body of works blur the lines of humor and seriousness to show the complexities and layers of being a woman. The intent is to get people thinking...

Jakov Unukainen

September 16, 2019 - September 20, 2019, All Day
Gallery 5, Art Building #107

Roger Yang: Xeno-Nature

September 16, 2019 - September 20, 2019, All Day
Gallery 3, Art Building #112
These multimedia art pieces (acrylic painting, ceramic sculpture & natural objects) are being used to express a form of nature based spiritualism with a concentration in the concept of life, death and the balance between them both physically and in the human nature of choice. Three ancient alien sculptures are accompanied by three scroll paintings each depicting the contemporary world from which each entity comes from. The three sculptures represent life, death and balance arranged...

Sami Knapp: Underpinnings

September 16, 2019 - September 20, 2019, All Day
Herbert Sanders, Industrial Studies Building #236
Underpinnings is a study of heritage, support, and community, or a lack there of. Three separate works fill the gallery. One, a traditional quilt design which represents a supportive environment for a delicate porcelain sculpture. The second, a wall hung embroidery that represents an un-supportive environment. And the third is a hand-made gallery bench where the viewer can contemplate theses issues.

Karl Daubmann: From Hand to Mouth

September 24, 2019, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Art Building – Room 133
The human body and mechanics of movement can inform design at conceptual stages through the labor of construction and in the use and occupation of built space. As the work of design becomes more digital and automated, the body need not lose its agency. From Hand to Mouth will share both historic precedents and design case studies demonstrating ways in which technology amplifies the influence of the body. TUESDAY NIGHT LECTURE SERIES | An acclaimed...

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October 2019

Aspen Mays: Approaching Infinite Limits

October 01, 2019 - November 01, 2019, All Day
Natalie And James Thompson Art Gallery, Art Building #127
The Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by Aspen Mays whose work represents a range of photographic practices. Of the methods used in her work Mays has said “Using analog processes is a way to create a human presence that may be counter to rationalist thinking, or objectivity, or a machine. I want to insert the human back into everything; I’m trying to figure out these...

Mads Lynnerup: Playful Manner

October 08, 2019, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Art Building – Room 133
Mads Lynnerup is an artist and educator whose practice incorporates video, performance, sculpture, and installation. Lynnerup’s work is influenced by societal and economic issues and is a commentary in its own playful manner on everyday experiences as well as tendencies and trends within the art world. The artist will provide an overview of his career as well as discuss specific, recent projects. Image Caption: Mads Lynnerup Gallery Counter, 2006 Sculpture (Wood, Doll Head, Wig, Gallery...

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