Date(s) - November 12, 2019 - February 21, 2020
All Day

In a time of increasing divisiveness, separation, polarization, and fortified walls, artists can serve critical roles in building indirect associations, nurturing connections, and reminding us of the importance of considering a multitude of perspectives. Human fabricated, artificial borders have been formed politically time and again to divide and subjugate populations for the benefit of those in power. By imaginatively eradicating, altering, and inverting these boundaries contemporary artists seek to challenge colonialism, subvert capitalist market segmentation, and combat white supremacy and male privilege.

BoundarySpan seeks to highlight the practices and efforts of artists who are roving ambassadors seeking to increase the degree of connectivity and integration between perceived combatants. Through an exploration of physical and conceptual boundaries and how those relate to power dynamics, the flow of capital, societal divisiveness, and Othering, these artists use their intellectual capacity, social connections, and personal histories to reduce the degree of human separation.

Works in the show highlight contradictory parallels in policies and values, question notions of binary divergence, reflect on intersecting identities, and act to preserve and understand cultural elements spanning a number of boundaries.

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Image caption:
Michael Arcega, Lexical Borrowing: Saw Horse by the Sea Shore – Understanding Manifest Destiny
2015, Mat Board, Wood, Found Plastic Bottles, James River Water, and Mixed Media”

Natalie And James Thompson Art Gallery, Art Building #127
November 12, 2019 - February 21, 2020
All Day