Greg Niemeyer: A Bell A Core A Node

Greg Niemeyer: A Bell A Core A Node

Greg Niemeyer’s work focuses on mediations between individuals, communities and environments. The title of his lecture refers to three data manifestations Niemeyer will be discussing, including his current show at Catharine Clark Gallery: The Network Paradox. Data manifestations are materializations of abstract data in the way people can feel. A Bell deals with sea water levels in bell music, A Core deals with climate data stored in the Vostok Ice Core, and A Node deals with the myriad different ways in which networks can connect to define emergent ways of life. Niemeyer’s work includes collaborations across disciplines and across media from gravure etchings to VR, always with an eye for the poetic foundations of technical protocols.

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Image Caption:
Greg Niemeyer and Roger Antonsen
Network Paradox, 2018
Etching, 22 x 30″

Date(s) - February 05, 2019
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm