Laura Guadarrama De Chidester: Foundations

Laura Guadarrama De Chidester: Foundations

Have you ever experienced an event or events that shakes your foundations? That jolts your system of beliefs, causing great uncertainty?

We encounter ourselves at our most vulnerable state when our foundations are exposed, compromised. After the dust has settled revealing our underpinnings, can we see what is left behind? What has left us? Have we become stronger?

When we exist in the newly created chasms, we become free to move, exit, shift, and grow. There is beauty in the destruction that allows us to appreciate what remains, marvel in the connections, the mess, and the progression.

Foundations is an invitation to explore our states of vulnerability, shock and aftershock, the stillness that follows, and the resiliency that we all carry within.

Date(s) - March 18, 2019 - March 22, 2019
All Day