Mape Andrews [MFA Photography] ATC Exhibition

Mape Andrews [MFA Photography] ATC Exhibition

My work is about transformation, the research of how everything is constantly transforming into something else. For the ATC Exhibition, titled I try not to miss you,, I focus on talking about this phenomenon within the realm of human experience. More specifically about finding love with another person. My exhibition is an installation with a piece of cast glass and its replica made out of ice, and melting facing each other like mirror images and a video piece playing in the room that has other elements to support the meaning of the piece.

Mape Andrews – MFA Photography

Candidacy denotes that the classified graduate student is fully qualified to complete the final stages of the MFA – Art program and is thus eligible to continue with their thesis project. Join us for a special week of exhibitions in the SJSU student art galleries accompanied by artists presentations in the SJSU Student Union.

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Date(s) - November 05, 2018 - November 09, 2018
All Day