“This installation is work I created over the summer. I was experimenting with new techniques in my ceramic pieces, as well as my fiber pieces.

I learned a new technique to create an infrastructure or skeleton for the hyperbolic crochet pieces with guidance from Dr. Gabriele Meyer, a mathematics lecturer at the University of Wisconsin. The hyperbolic is a mathematical concepts that haven’t been able to be modeled in any other form than crochet. I am trying to create a positive means of communicating about the coral ecosystem with a playful installation that can hopefully lead to meaningful conversations about the dangers of climate change and damaging effect on the coral reefs around the world.

The ceramic pieces are an experiment in creating sound through vibrations the springs create against the synthetic drum head membrane. The size, shape, and the sea life cutouts change the tones emitted. These pieces are meant to be interactive with the visitors experimenting with each piece to create the sound of thunder.”

Marcia Boyajian, Spatial Arts

Date(s) - September 03, 2018 - September 14, 2018
All Day