Photo 120: Image & Idea Class Exhibition

Photo 120: Image & Idea Class Exhibition

Date(s) - December 02, 2019 - December 06, 2019
All Day

Each semester, students in two sections of Photography 120, Image and Idea, spend the entire semester working on one idea or set of ideas toward a group exhibition at the end of the term. Using lens-based media as a base, the work explores diverse ideas and approaches, from straight, black and white photography to video installation work and everything in between. The two groups have worked especially hard this fall, and we’re all excited about sharing their work with the Department.

Artist Names

Adam Berni

Joshua Bodnar

Antony Bui

Christian Canturia

Amanda Carrillo

Marc Castro

Mandy Chan

Krystle Dario

Darian Downing

Kevin Duong

Maralkhishig Enkhtuvshin

Tyler Ettestad

Agatha Fung

Adrian Gil

Delfina Guerrero

Jocelyn Gutierrez

Sebastian Honigs

Alexia Huerta

Matthew Langford

Ngan Le

Megan Lee

Emily Lopez

Alexis Macias

Lisa Marshall

Johanna Martin

Issac Maya

Joseph Mayo

Nicholas Melendez

Ronald Mina

Daniel Moeller

Alejandro Montes

Veronica Mont-Reynaud

James Moore

Phillip Nicholas

John Nieuwsma

Jordan Provancher

Kristine Puccio

Yaima Rivero

Jazmin Sifuentes

Jiaxu Sun

Joshua Summers-Marcouillier

Long Vu

Rich Williams

Francisco Zepeda III

Art Building – Gallery 3
December 02, 2019 - December 06, 2019
All Day