Shakespeare, His Wife, & the Dog (Hammer4) Bated Breath

Shakespeare, His Wife, & the Dog (Hammer4) Bated Breath

April 1616—Shakespeare has returned to Stratford a rich and famous man, but all’s not well. Why is he so unhappy? Why can’t he sleep? Why is his wife furious with him? And where is their dog? Coming to the Hammer, Shakespeare, His Wife, & the Dog, written by Philip Whitchurch, imaginatively depicts the secrets, lies, resentments, and passions of Shakespeare’s marriage.

The play achieved critical acclaim at its premiere in the 2014 Edinburgh Festival and has consistently received four- to five-star ratings. Broadway Baby proclaims it to be “wonderfully written and beautifully acted” as the play is filled with clever Shakespearean references and allusions to other playwrights and theatrical customs of the day.

Whitchurch has seamlessly woven Shakespeare’s work into the dialogue of his play—they are well hidden in the language.

“If you have a working knowledge of Shakespeare,” says Whitchurch, “the play is a bit like trainspotting Shakespeare. You can notice a lot of references to his work throughout the play, but you don’t really need to know them.”

According to the Edinburgh Review, the play is not just for Shakespeare lovers; it's poignant and the funny portrayal of a relationship is “warm, human, and extremely satisfying,” making the show “a treat for all theatre aficionados.”

“Audiences have found the play to be delightful and touching as it encapsulates both tragedy and comedy,” says Sally Edwards who plays Shakespeare’s wife.

There have been many plays about Shakespeare’s life, but nothing like this has ever been written before. Join us at the Hammer Theatre for a heartwarming and comedic experience!

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Date(s) - 02/11/2018
4:00 pm


Hammer Theatre

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