The Music of Chen Yi – 2022 Contemporary Music Festival

The Music of Chen Yi - 2022 Contemporary Music Festival


October 20, 2022    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Concert Hall – Music 176
1 Washington Square, San Jose, California, 95192
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Chinese American composer Chen Yi will present a concert of her music for chamber ensembles. Performing will be Gwen Mok, Ray Furuta, Catalina Barraza, Michael Hernandez, Ihang Lin, Victorial Lington, and Namik Sultanov. Chen was born in Guangzhou, China and at an early age began studying Western Classical music. During the cultural revolution she was forced to work in the fields in the countryside where she learned all about Chinese folk music. Afterwards, she returned to her studies and eventually moved to America and earned a doctorate in composition. Chines and Western music traditions are masterfully blended in her music.


Monologue (Impressions on the True Story of Ah Q) for unaccompanied soprano saxophone, Michael Hernandez, soprano saxophone

Romance & Dance, for violin and piano, Catalina Barraza, violin & Ihang Lin, piano

Northern Scenes for piano, Gwendolyne Mok, piano

Three Bagatelles from China West, flute and piano, Gwendolyne Mok, piano & Ray Futura, flute

China West Suite, for two pianos, Victoria Lington, Namik Sultanov, piano